Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Features to Look For When Considering a Scissor Lift Hire

Amaury Picard

You can hire or rent scissor lifts for home use or as a contractor when you need to handle any type of work at an elevated height. The platform of the lift gives you more space for equipment and also keeps you safer than on a ladder, and the scissor lifting action allows you to adjust the height to your exact specifications. When you're ready to rent a scissor platform for use at home or on the jobsite, note a few things to look out for to ensure you get the best choice for your needs.

1. Diesel versus electric engine

Many scissor lifts are on wheels and work with an electric motor so you can move them around easily, but note that a diesel engine is typically stronger than an electric engine. If you want an outdoor scissor lift that will ride over rough terrain, the diesel engine may give it the power it needs so it doesn't get stuck. However, remember that diesel engines give off fumes and emissions so they're not good for indoor use. Choose an electric engine even if you'll be working in a large garage or production facility, unless you can ensure that there will be adequate ventilation for the lift.

2. Extended platforms

When considering the overall size of a scissor lift, you'll note the width of the platform and if it can easily fit through doorways or in rooms where you'll be working. You may need a shorter platform so the lift will fit easily in certain spaces, but may find that this doesn't give you enough room for more than one worker and all the tools you need. In that case, check for a lift with an extended platform. This is a platform that you can open or slide out once the lift is in place. This will give you the room to work that's needed without making the lift too big for any space.

3. Onboard generator

Why try to get a bulky generator onto your rented scissor lift when some models come with an onboard generator? This can allow you to work your power tools easily from the lift. You can even use it to run a heater or fan on the scissor lift to keep you comfortable and ensure that paints and other materials don't harden or are otherwise affected by the weather when you're on the lift. If you need electricity while using a scissor lift, get one with an onboard generator.


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Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

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