Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Timber Sheds | 3 Guidelines For Buying Timber When Building A Shed

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Timber is one of the most reliable building products available in the market and is sure to serve you well when used to construct external structures like sheds, pergolas and decks. The sheer solidity and reliability of timber allows you to construct robust structures, but you have to make the right choices when buying outdoor-grade timber. This guide is designed to help you in your quest to buy timber for building a garden shed.

Choose Between Hardwood Or Softwood

You first choice is to decide whether you want hardwood or softwood for your building project, whether you're taking this up as a DIY task or even if you've hired someone. Softwoods are usually derived from evergreen trees while hardwoods are part of deciduous trees. To understand the fundamental difference between the two, hardwood is denser and grows slower. This means that it is typically tougher and harder than most softwood, but it is also more expensive. Since they are harder to cut, they tend to be more long-lasting, resistant to weather conditions and easier to maintain. If you have the budget to spare, then hardwood is an ideal choice for your outdoor shed. 

Choose Treated Timber With Appropriate Hazard Level

Timber is usually treated with some type of preservative to enhance its resistance to insects and fungi, which can potentially destroy the wood. These treatments are used for different hazard levels of protection requirements. There are 6 hazard levels based on the exposure hazard. You will need to establish the right treated timber, which is appropriate to your local ground and external conditions for your shed. For example, if the proposed shed will be subject to leaching and wetting, then you will need to choose H4 or H5 levels to protect your timber against severe decay, termites and borers. You can also choose H3A treated timber if you plan to paint your shed and maintain it regularly. H3A protects from moderate decay, termites and borers.

Consider The Environmental Impact Of The Timber You Purchase

Make sure you follow all the local regulations when it comes to buying timber. For example, if you're in a bushfire zone, you will need to buy wood that meets local fire safety codes. In this case, you must choose fire-retardant-treated timber like river red gum, blackbutt, turpentine and spotted gum. You should ideally also choose locally sourced wood from certified timber dealers to ensure that you're not causing more environmental damage than you can imagine. A good environmentally friendly option is to choose reclaimed to recycled timber because it is already well seasoned. Many timber dealers offer different options in terms of new or recycled wood, allowing you to make a decision based on your needs.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when buying lumber for your shed-building project.


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