Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Screening Media Options for Industrial Vibrating Equipment

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Vibrating screens are valuable tools in numerous industrial sectors, including mineral processing operations, scrap metal recycling, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Basically, this type of equipment is built to allow mechanical screening of granulated materials such as broken ore particles, pieces of metal and even plastics. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for your commercial operation if you want to sort such materials into different grades, types or size.

There are numerous vibrating screens in the market to consider for purchase, depending on the potential application. One of the main aspects that you should evaluate when shopping around is the screening media. This component will have indirect contact with the material to be sorted, so it will affect screening efficiency and longevity of the equipment. Here is a description of the primary types of screening media for this kind of industrial vibrating equipment.

Woven Wire Cloth

Woven wire cloth is essentially a mesh that is fabricated using resilient metal materials. It is favoured as a filtration or screening media in most industries because the apertures can be made in different sizes to accommodate the specific material. Most screens are constructed using stainless steel because it can withstand high mechanical force without distortion. Moreover, this material is resistant to rusting, so you can use it if you plan on sorting wet materials.

Unfortunately, the cost of this screen is relatively high, especially for a small start-up operation. Mild steel is a cheaper alternative for light-duty screening and it is fairly strong. However, this is not suitable for moist environment because of its susceptibility to corrosion. There are other specialty options to consider, including piano wire and hard steel. The latter can support heavier materials due to its strength, and piano wire is highly flexible.

Perforated Plate

If the potential material to be screened has high density and cannot be sufficiently supported by woven wire, you should consider choosing a perforated plate medium. This component is constructed using metal plates that are punched to create appropriate perforation for the sorting task. This screening medium will offer better resistance against impact compared to the mesh and consequently, the vibratory equipment will have a longer lifespan.

Synthetic Screen Media

Typically, a synthetic screen is fabricated using rubber or polyurethane, and this type of media is considered to be an ideal alternative to metal. Rubber and polyurethane can resist mechanical damages and distortion from high impact screening operations. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance during the screen's service life. Moreover, synthetic materials are resistant to moisture damage and most chemicals.


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