Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Timber Crates vs Plastic Cases

Amaury Picard

Are you wondering about which packaging material you should use for your products? Read on and learn some crucial information about timber crates and plastic cases. Use this information as you pick which material is better for your packaging needs.

Timber Crates

Timber crates have been used in the packaging industry for a very long time because of the many advantages of this material. First, it is easy to customise timber crates so that they handle any packaging need (such as enclosing the crate so that products are protected from the elements). Timber crates are easy to repair in case they sustain any damage during their use. For example, loose sections can be repaired by driving additional nails into the timber sections in order to make the crate firm once again. These crates are very strong and can carry heavy payloads. They are eco-friendly because they are made from a renewable resource. Timber crates are also one of the most affordable packaging materials

However, wooden crates have their downsides.  First, the timber crates are heavy and can increase the cost of shipping. They are also subject to strict conditions (such as heat treatment) in order to avoid spreading pests to different locations. They may also pose some safety risks (such as splinters injuring employees) as the crates are sealed or opened. Special lifting equipment (such as forklifts) may be needed to move them.

Plastic Cases

Plastic cases are relatively new in the packaging industry when compared to timber crates. These cases address some of the challenges posed by wooden crates. For example, plastic cases are lightweight and may not inflate the cost of shipping products. They are also easy to move around (no special lifting equipment is needed). Some are built to be fire-resistant. However, plastic cases cannot be repaired easily once they are damaged. They are also difficult to customise because of their complex manufacturing process that involves creating special moulds for each packaging requirement of a client. Plastic crates aren't biodegradable and pollute the environment (via offgassing, for example). Plastic cases are also more expensive when compared to other packaging materials (such as cardboard boxes or timber crates).

As you can see, each packaging material has its own strong points and weak points. It is therefore imperative that you discuss your packaging needs with a packaging expert so that he or she helps you to choose the best packaging option for your needs.


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