Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Second Hand Shipping Container

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Purchasing used goods is a great way of cost cutting but still getting something that is functional. However, just as with other used items, second hand shipping containers will not always have their original lustre when they are up for resale. However, signs of wear and tear do not always mean that the shipping container's structural integrity is completely compromised. By knowing what to be wary about when shopping for a used shipping container, you increase your chances of buying something that is still viable for use. The following are some of the things to consider when purchasing a second hand shipping container.

Consider the age of the second hand shipping container

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when making a selection of used shipping containers is their age. The older the shipping container, the higher the chances that it has been exposed to significant wear and tear over the years. When looking through the different shipping containers, take note of their individual serial numbers. The serial number is also referred to as the container's ISO number. This number is what freight companies will use to track the container when it is in transit. Additionally, the ISO number also will provide you with information regarding the age of the container. If you are looking for a used shipping container for transport needs, always opt for the younger options.

Consider the materials transported by the second hand shipping container

Before purchasing a used shipping container, always establish what materials were being transported within it. This is crucial so as to establish whether the shipping container was ever used to ship toxic or hazardous materials. In the event that it was used for this purpose, you may have to make additional arrangements to ensure that the shipping container is completely sterilised and ready for use again.

Consider the structural integrity of the second hand shipping container

When inspecting used shipping containers, do not disregard some options merely because they have a few dings or dents on their surface. Instead, what you need to pay close attention to is how severe these dents are. If the structural damage affects the functioning of the container such as making it harder to open and close it, then it is not recommended to purchase it. However, if the dents are superficial, you may get a good deal on the shipping container since it does not have a pristine appearance. Other aspects to inspect when it comes to structural integrity include any rust spots or signs of corrosion.


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