Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Improve Productivity and Keep Customers Happy With DC Multi-Split Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

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Improving staff productivity and retention, as well as attracting more customers, is a key element to the ongoing success of any business. In the highly competitive marketplace, an office, shop or department store needs to be able to not only attract new customers but keep them coming back. One important consideration in order to achieve this is to provide constant, comfortable ambient temperatures within the physical spaces, for the benefit of both staff and customers. Investing in a commercial air conditioning system that is both affordable and effective can help these businesses not only keep their customers happy but also improve productivity, resulting in more profit and better sales. 

Commercial air conditioning systems provide both heating and cooling to indoor spaces but are also used to improve air circulation, ventilate the work space, and purify the air. Suppliers of commercial air conditioners can meet the needs of small to large businesses, for both existing buildings and those in need of refurbishment, while custom designed solutions are available for unique work spaces that require special configurations.

Single room units are sufficient for single rooms and small spaces, but for multiple room offices and larger stores, a multi split system conditioning system is ideal. Up to five separate air conditioning heads can be connected to a single outdoor unit of a multi split system. A single head is installed in each room, or they can be placed evenly throughout a large space.  Smaller multi split systems accommodate up to two heads and are the most suitable for smaller offices, while the largest units that support up to five heads are ideal for larger department stores and office floors. Regardless of the size, one advantage of this type of multi split system is that different temperatures can be selected for individual rooms, allowing for more choices to satisfy individual comfort levels.

Multi split systems that operate on DC, or direct current, are more energy efficient than the AC types due to the inverter technology used. A 35% increase in efficiency over AC technology is achieved by the inverter compressor, while the outdoor fan with multiple speed settings demonstrates a 40% improvement. This increased efficiency results in better cooling performance at any ambient temperature. DC multi split systems are also quieter than their AC counterparts, particularly when not operating at full load.

Suppliers of DC multi split air conditioning systems can offer a quote and design a solution tailored to the individual requirements of any commercial building or office space. They can also service and maintain the units and provide after-sales support so that businesses can get on with doing business in comfort, and let the air conditioning specialists take care of the rest.

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