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Latest Products: Dispensing Information About Industrial Equipment And Supplies

Two Reasons to Get Vibrating Tables for Your New Confectionery Manufacturing Facility

Amaury Picard

If you're launching a confectionery manufacturing business, are some reasons why you might want to invest in a few vibrating tables for your facility.

They Could Allow You to Use Less Packaging per Sweet Packet​

One reason why you should consider getting these tables is that using them may enable you to use less packaging per sweet packet. The reason for this is that the way in which these tables vibrate can help to make the sweets that are on the table gather together and settle in a way that makes them more compact, collectively. As such, if you were to use these tables, you might potentially be able to fit, for example, the thirty sweets you normally put into a 4x4 inch cellophane sweet packet, into one that is 3 x3 inches in size.

There are several advantages to using smaller sweet packets for your products. Firstly, you'll spend less on your packaging and might then be able to generate higher profits and reinvest the money this allows you to save back into your enterprise or price your products lower.

Secondly, if you make a point of printing on your sweet packets that you intentionally make your confectionary as compact as possible, in order to use less packaging, this could improve your enterprise's reputation. The reason for this is that consumers today take environmentalism very seriously and often favour companies who make an effort to reduce packaging-related waste.

They’ll Make the Compaction of Your Confectionery Much Easier​

It is possible to make the collections of sweets that go into each sweet packet more compact, without vibrating tables. However, having your employees do this task by hand could take far longer than it would if you did this task with vibrating tables, as the latter can move at speeds that people cannot.

Additionally, if some of the sweets that you manufacture are a bit delicate and likely to break if handled too forcefully, doing this work manually might result in some of these sweets getting broken, as your employees may occasionally be too rough when compacting them. In contrast, the motions of a vibrating table are consistent, and their speed can be adjusted so that fragile confectionery does not break when placed on it. As such, if you want the compaction of the sweets to be done quickly and want to ensure that the confectionary doesn't get damaged before it gets packaged, it might be best to use these tables instead of trying to make them more compact by hand. 

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